Central Vacuum Sales in Florida

shutterstock_273882272-smInterested in learning more about the many benefits of owning a central vacuum unit for your home? Central Vacuum Connection is happy to help explain them to you! We’re the central vac experts Florida trusts when it comes to understanding central vacuum systems, their function and their benefits.

Our experts have been central vacuum dealers in Florida since 1974. This means we not only have decades of firsthand, professional experience, but also that we’ve seen the evolution of the industry as a whole. We know what technology is out there, what features are the best to have in your home, and what brands have set themselves apart from the pack. We leverage all of this information to help you make an investment you’ll enjoy for decades to come.

Why choose a central vac system?

We’re here to do more than just provide you with reputable central vacuum sales in Florida—we’re also intent on helping you make an investment in your quality of life. Take a look at just a few of the reasons why a central vacuum system is a smart investment:

  • Instead of lugging around a vacuum cleaner, you’ll have instant access to a vac in every room of your home!
  • Central vacs are more powerful and more reliable than upright vacuums, giving you reliability every time you hit the switch.
  • Upkeep and maintenance is easy! Just empty the canister and have a professional inspect your system annually to keep it in great condition.
  • You can customize your vac to fit the needs of your home. Get attachments and accessories that meet your cleaning needs.

To learn more about central vacuum systems for yourself or to speak firsthand and get a thorough explanation of just how beneficial these systems are, give us a call today at 561-262-1684.