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How to Store Your Central Vacuum

October 22, 2019 Leave your thoughts

Using a portable vacuum is the traditional floor cleaning method of homeowners across the country. Run the vacuum over your carpet or hard flooring a couple times a week to get rid of dust, dirt and other debris, then pop the appliance back into the closet until next time. But poorly working portable vacuums come with a few irritations. These include the fact that they get dirty quickly, give off unpleasant odors and are hard to use in tight spaces. Like traditional vacuums, central vacuums have the potential to become ineffective over time. The good news is that following some... View Article

Common Questions About Central Vacuum Systems in Florida

October 8, 2019 Leave your thoughts

Most people are familiar with traditional portable vacuum cleaners designed for carpeted floors, hard floors or both. While this type vacuum system is well known, there is another less understood option: central vacuum systems. Central vacuum cleaning systems are extremely efficient, and an effective way to keep your home clean. Some people find them life-changing. Before heading to a local central vacuum dealer or installer, take a few minutes to learn about this type of vacuum system. Below are the most common central vac FAQs asked by our customers in Florida. Should I install a central vacuum? Central vacuums can... View Article

A Guide to Vacuuming: Three Tips to Make the Most of Your Central Vacuum System

August 19, 2019 Leave your thoughts

So, you have a central vacuum system—congratulations! We know you are already enjoying how easy it is to keep your floors clean, having cleaner air in your home and not having to lug a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs every time you need to clean your home. But did you know that there are ways you can get even more out of your central vacuum system experience? As your local vacuum experts, we have a few vacuuming tips in Florida that will help you make the most of your central vacuum system. Tip 1: Don’t be afraid to... View Article

How Does a Central Vacuum System Work?

August 5, 2019 Leave your thoughts

Before vacuum cleaners, people had to sweep their rugs or take them outside and beat them. Then, in 1868, the world of carpet cleaning was revolutionized with the entrance of the first vacuum cleaner, the “Whirlwind,” which was a pain to operate because you had to manually turn a crank while pushing the vacuum across the floor. By the 1950s, every new vacuum presented to the public had to be faster, lighter and stronger than the last. Today’s consumers, however, have different expectations—they want their vacuum to be smarter. What’s the smartest vacuum out there? A central vacuum system! What... View Article

Tips for Maintaining Your Central Vacuum System

June 5, 2019 Leave your thoughts

Once you’ve invested in a quality vacuum system, you want to keep it working properly and in great condition for as long as possible. Your central vacuum system in Florida is one of the most important cleaning tools for your home, and you may use it for everything from your carpet and wood floors to furniture and baseboards. There are many things you can do to keep this essential system in good repair and working properly for years. Keep reading to make sure your following these important tips: Empty often: If you own a bagless central vacuum system in Florida,... View Article