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What to Do If Your Central Vacuum System Gets Clogged

January 29, 2018 Leave your thoughts

What happens when you’re vacuuming along with your central vac unit and accidently suck up something that wasn’t meant to be sucked up? It’s a problem many central vacuum owners deal with each year. A toddler’s toy or a stray sock gets sucked into the hose and, in an instant, there’s a bad noise and no more suction. What do you do? The first step is not to panic! Clogs and loss of suction can happen in any vacuum—whether it’s caused by accidentally sucked-up items or just a buildup of debris over time. The steps to fixing it are actually... View Article

Performing Maintenance on Your Central Vacuum System

November 6, 2017 Leave your thoughts

Just like if you owned a standard upright vacuum for home use, you will need to take care of, clean and maintain a central vacuum cleaner. After all, it is still a vacuum, a device that sucks up and removes unhealthy particles and debris from the inside of your home. If the vacuum is clogged, the filter bag rarely emptied or not cared for, then it won’t function properly or last as long as it should. Here are some maintenance tips to avoid costly central vacuum system repair in Palm Beach County, FL: Read your owner’s manual: One of the... View Article

Common Problems That Require Central Vacuum Repair in Palm Beach County, FL

October 24, 2017 Leave your thoughts

When central vacuum systems are in good shape, they can be an incredibly effective cleaning method, but just like with any other appliance, you might experience some problems with your system from time to time. These problems can vary widely, but it’s important to know about what kinds of problems you can expect and what you should do to fix them should they occur. There are a few common issues that come up with central vacuum systems that you should keep your eye out for. If you experience any of these issues, you should contact a professional for assistance with... View Article

Can Central Vacuums Be Used to Clean Liquid Spills?

July 17, 2017 Leave your thoughts

If you’ve ever tried to vacuum up wetness, you know it doesn’t result in good outcomes. Aside from industrial vacuums, your run-of-the-mill house vacuum cleaners don’t have the capacity to deal with spills. They clog up, short circuit and break down. Cleaning up a wet mess can often spell the end for a vacuum cleaner—or at the very least, unwanted repair costs. Central vacuum systems are no different. Though they’re more powerful and capable of cleaning up messes better than standard vacuums, these systems still aren’t built for wetness. Trying to suck up a spilled bowl of cereal or a... View Article