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Tips to Help Avoid Expensive Central Vacuum Repair

July 24, 2018 Leave your thoughts

A central vacuum system can help you to more efficiently clean your home. It makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach places and means you don’t have to carry around a heavy vacuum from room to room. Just like regular vacuums, though, you do need to keep your central vacuum system up to date. Without it, you may run into expensive repairs. There are a few things to consider when using and maintaining your central vacuum system to avoid costly repairs. Keep it clean One of the best and simplest ways to keep your central vacuum system in Palm Beach County,... View Article

Common Central Vacuum Problems a Professional Can Solve for You

July 10, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Central vacuum systems in Palm Beach County, FL make cleaning houses much easier. These systems mean homeowners don’t have to carry heavy vacuums throughout their home to clean the entire space. A central vacuum system also comes with a wide variety of attachments and accessories to help get to hard-to-reach places and make cleaning different areas of the house easier. Just like with normal vacuums, though, a central vacuum system can run into problems and require vacuum repair in Palm Beach County, FL. Here are some of the issues that require a professional’s help: Unit won’t turn on: There could... View Article

Why Is My Central Vacuum System Overheating?

June 27, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Overheating is one of the most common problems associated with vacuums of all types, including central vacuum systems. But does an overheating system automatically mean you need to call in for central vacuum repair in Palm Beach County, FL? Not necessarily! Here are a few tips to help you diagnose and potentially resolve the problem to prevent it from happening again and to allow you to avoid having to call for expensive (and possibly unnecessary) repairs. Check the canister One of the most common reasons central vacuums overheat is because too much debris has built up in the dirt canister.... View Article

Quick Troubleshooting Tips for Your Central Vacuum

April 24, 2018 Leave your thoughts

A central vacuum system in Palm Beach County, FL makes cleaning your home much easier and much faster. However, it can be irritating when it loses efficiency or just doesn’t work. There are several things that might be wrong with your central vacuum system. Here’s a look at some ways to troubleshoot before calling a certified technician for central vacuum repair: Check the canister: First things first, make sure to check the canister. If it’s full, you’ll need to empty it before the central vacuum’s performance can improve. You’ll also want to make sure the canister is attached correctly. Sometimes... View Article

What to Do If Your Central Vacuum System Gets Clogged

January 29, 2018 Leave your thoughts

What happens when you’re vacuuming along with your central vac unit and accidently suck up something that wasn’t meant to be sucked up? It’s a problem many central vacuum owners deal with each year. A toddler’s toy or a stray sock gets sucked into the hose and, in an instant, there’s a bad noise and no more suction. What do you do? The first step is not to panic! Clogs and loss of suction can happen in any vacuum—whether it’s caused by accidentally sucked-up items or just a buildup of debris over time. The steps to fixing it are actually... View Article