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Common Signs That You Need a New Central Vacuum System

May 6, 2019 Leave your thoughts

A central vacuum system can make household cleaning much more convenient, effective and efficient. These systems are designed to last for a long time and deliver consistent performance, but central vacuum systems will eventually wear out and become damaged. It’s important to understand the signs that you need to invest in new central vacuum system installation in Florida so that you can get the replacement that you need, as soon as you need it: Excessive noise: While it’s normal for vacuum systems to make some noise during operation, you should listen for noises that are unusual or excessively loud. Excessive... View Article

What Will Clog Your Central Vacuum System?

April 25, 2019 Leave your thoughts

Central vacuum systems can offer a number of important benefits and add value to your home, but choosing the right system for you and preparing for installation isn’t always easy. If you’re planning on investing in central vacuum system installation in Florida, it’s important to consider your options and find out more about maintaining your system so that you’re prepared. Read on to find out more about preparing for central vacuum installation and preventing vacuum clogs. Preparing for central vacuum installation When you get a central vacuum system installed, it’s important to take the time you need to prepare. Get... View Article

When to Change the Filter on Your Central Vacuum

December 19, 2018 Leave your thoughts

A high-quality filter system plays an important role in your central vacuum. The filter helps protect everyone living in your home by ensuring clean operation and a high level of air quality. But how frequently do you need to change these filters? Here’s some information about central vacuum maintenance in Palm Beach County, FL to keep you informed about what you need to do to uphold a high level of air quality in your home. General rules There are a few standard rules to keep in mind regarding filters. If you have a commercial facility, it’s recommended you check the... View Article

Upgrade Your Central Vacuum Filter and Improve Air Quality

November 23, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Did you know that the quality of the air inside of your home or business could affect your health? Breathing in bacteria, dust, mold, pollen, spores and other allergens can take a negative toll. Inhaling the tainted air could cause breathing difficulties and even trigger asthma attacks. The only way to prevent this is through regular cleaning, especially vacuuming. Frequent vacuuming catches the dust before it migrates through the building and settles deep into the carpets and furniture. A central vacuum system makes it even easier to stop irritants in their tracks. Central vacuum users know just how convenient and... View Article

Tips for Central Vacuum Maintenance in Palm Beach County, FL

October 17, 2018 Leave your thoughts

A central vacuum system is a great investment in a home. While many older homes include central vacuums, many modern upscale homes also boast this luxurious feature. Maintaining a central vacuum is less costly and less time-intensive than maintaining and replacing a standard vacuum cleaner year over year. Nevertheless, central vacuum maintenance in Palm Beach County, FL is still important. Your vacuum installation professionals recommend the following maintenance tips. Filters and Bags The most common form of maintenance will be in the replacement and cleaning of the bags and filters in the canister. All of the dirt, food, debris, pet... View Article