The Benefits of a Central Vacuum System in Florida

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No matter how big your home is or how much time you have for cleaning, staying on top of household chores like vacuuming can be difficult. Toting around a heavy vacuum cleaner from room to room and navigating around a power cord makes this chore even more bothersome and inconvenient. Because of the issues that can come along with portable vacuum cleaners, a lot of homeowners choose to invest in a central vacuum system in Florida. This investment can offer a number of great benefits, both in the short term and over the long run: Convenience: Central vacuum systems offer... View Article

Common Signs That You Need a New Central Vacuum System

May 6, 2019 Leave your thoughts

A central vacuum system can make household cleaning much more convenient, effective and efficient. These systems are designed to last for a long time and deliver consistent performance, but central vacuum systems will eventually wear out and become damaged. It’s important to understand the signs that you need to invest in new central vacuum system installation in Florida so that you can get the replacement that you need, as soon as you need it: Excessive noise: While it’s normal for vacuum systems to make some noise during operation, you should listen for noises that are unusual or excessively loud. Excessive... View Article

What Will Clog Your Central Vacuum System?

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Central vacuum systems can offer a number of important benefits and add value to your home, but choosing the right system for you and preparing for installation isn’t always easy. If you’re planning on investing in central vacuum system installation in Florida, it’s important to consider your options and find out more about maintaining your system so that you’re prepared. Read on to find out more about preparing for central vacuum installation and preventing vacuum clogs. Preparing for central vacuum installation When you get a central vacuum system installed, it’s important to take the time you need to prepare. Get... View Article

Bag vs. Bagless Vacuums: Which Is Better?

April 11, 2019 Leave your thoughts

Vacuum cleaners allow you to keep dust and dirt at bay and get your home looking great, but not all vacuum cleaners offer the same level of performance. If you’re planning on purchasing a vacuum, it’s important to carefully consider all of your different options so that you can select the model that’s right for you. One of the decisions you have to make when you’re choosing a vacuum is whether you want a bag or bagless vacuum. Read on to find out more about these two options so that you can decide which type of vacuum is right for... View Article

Helpful Tips for Vacuuming Area Rugs

March 21, 2019 Leave your thoughts

Area rugs can add comfort, warmth and aesthetic appeal to a living space, but they can also accumulate dirt, dust and debris over time. When your area rug starts to look dingy, it can detract from the appeal of your space, so you’ll want to get it as clean as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners are unsure about how to properly clean and vacuum their area rugs. Read on for some simple tips from a central vacuum dealer in Florida that you can follow to get your area rugs looking their best again: Consider weak backing: Even if your... View Article