Why You May Trip Your Circuit Breaker When Using Your Central Vacuum System in Palm Beach County, FL

October 3, 2018 Leave your thoughts

You simply want to clean your home, but the electrical system isn’t cooperating. It seems like every time you try to vacuum, your circuit breaker trips. This makes using your central vacuum system in Palm Beach County, FL a chore rather than a convenience. How can you avoid this nuisance? First, you must determine why the circuit breaker is tripping. Once you know the reason, you can make the necessary changes or repairs to prevent this annoyance from happening in the future. Here’s the scoop. AFCI or Traditional? Central vacuum systems in Palm Beach County, FL interact with breakers differently... View Article

Why Your Central Vacuum System in Palm Beach County, FL Might Be Losing Suction

September 19, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Is your central vacuum system in Palm Beach County, FL performing at a less than optimal level? Has it lost suction? This is a common issue. Fortunately, it also has common causes. Many of these are quick fixes which the owner can troubleshoot and perform a DIY repair to correct. Other issues are more complex and may require a professional. If your central vacuum is losing suction, use the following list to determine the potential cause and decide whether or not you need backup from an expert: Full bag: This issue is the most common reason for a loss of... View Article

Is a Central Vacuum Worth the Money?

August 24, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Keeping your home clean can be a pain, especially if you have pets or small children. Vacuuming is a necessary chore in most households, which forces homeowners to make a choice: do you purchase a portable vacuum cleaner, or do you opt for a central vacuum system in Palm Beach County, FL? For some, the decision is a no-brainer. Central vacuums add convenience, more power and a deeper clean in the home. For others, the higher cost of a central vacuum makes them pause. Is this vacuum system really worth all the extra money? It’s understandable to balk at a... View Article

What Central Vacuum Brand Can You Trust?

August 10, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Choosing to install a new central vacuum system in Palm Beach County, FL is an investment in your home and your family’s health. These vacuum systems are installed directly into your home, running from outlets in your walls to a central system in your garage or basement, and are designed to last for years with high-performing suction and power. Because these systems are more permanent fixtures in your home, you want to be sure you are making the right decision when it comes to the model you choose. Some brands sell cheaper models that break down often and can cause... View Article

Tips to Help Avoid Expensive Central Vacuum Repair

July 24, 2018 Leave your thoughts

A central vacuum system can help you to more efficiently clean your home. It makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach places and means you don’t have to carry around a heavy vacuum from room to room. Just like regular vacuums, though, you do need to keep your central vacuum system up to date. Without it, you may run into expensive repairs. There are a few things to consider when using and maintaining your central vacuum system to avoid costly repairs. Keep it clean One of the best and simplest ways to keep your central vacuum system in Palm Beach County,... View Article