Helpful Tips for Vacuuming Area Rugs

March 21, 2019 Leave your thoughts

Area rugs can add comfort, warmth and aesthetic appeal to a living space, but they can also accumulate dirt, dust and debris over time. When your area rug starts to look dingy, it can detract from the appeal of your space, so you’ll want to get it as clean as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners are unsure about how to properly clean and vacuum their area rugs. Read on for some simple tips from a central vacuum dealer in Florida that you can follow to get your area rugs looking their best again: Consider weak backing: Even if your... View Article

How to Check for Leaks in Your Central Vacuum System in Florida

March 7, 2019 Leave your thoughts

Central vacuum systems can be very useful when it comes to cleaning carpet and upholstery in your home. These systems are designed for performance and longevity, but they don’t always work the way they’re supposed to. If you’ve noticed some performance issues with your central vacuum system in Florida, it’s possible that you’re dealing with a leak. Understanding a little bit more about central vacuum leaks and what you can do about them can help you ensure that your system continues to deliver the level of performance and efficiency that it’s intended to: Inspect your vacuum system: You can check... View Article

Check Out These Top Central Vacuum Accessories in Florida!

February 18, 2019 Leave your thoughts

Central vacuums are the best when it comes to keeping your home nice and clean. Their only downside is that they’re far less effective without central vacuum accessories in Florida. This post will cover a few of the essential accessories you need if you own a central vacuum system: Powerheads: Without a proper powerhead, you might as well not even purchase a central vacuum system. Though they’re a bit more expensive, electric powerheads are the way to go if you want the deepest possible clean. Better yet, the high-end models clean any kind of carpet, regardless of the pile type.... View Article

Tips for Vacuuming Properly

February 4, 2019 Leave your thoughts

Anyone with carpeting throughout their home will tell you that the biggest downside is the amount of vacuuming they have to do to care for it. This workload is only compounded for folks with pets and kids running around the house. Since we don’t want you to do more work than you have to, our team of central vacuum dealers in Florida has put together this handy guide with tips for vacuuming effectively to ensure a clean house without breaking your back. Continue reading to learn how to be a more effective vacuum runner: Stick to a schedule: Our first... View Article

How to Unclog a Central Vacuum Hose

January 21, 2019 Leave your thoughts

Your central vacuum system is about four times more powerful than a traditional portable vacuum. As such, clogs should be few and far between. But that doesn’t mean you won’t ever experience a clog while you’re using your central vac. We believe it’s important that you know what to do if your central vacuum system clogs up, so keep reading—this post will teach you the proper techniques to clear up that hose so you can get back to vacuuming: Consult your owner’s manual: Before you do anything else, we recommend opening up your owner’s manual and seeing what it says... View Article