How to Store Your Central Vacuum

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Using a portable vacuum is the traditional floor cleaning method of homeowners across the country. Run the vacuum over your carpet or hard flooring a couple times a week to get rid of dust, dirt and other debris, then pop the appliance back into the closet until next time. But poorly working portable vacuums come with a few irritations. These include the fact that they get dirty quickly, give off unpleasant odors and are hard to use in tight spaces.

Like traditional vacuums, central vacuums have the potential to become ineffective over time. The good news is that following some simple cleaning and organizational steps can help you avoid typical central vacuum problems. Pros in the vacuum business want to help you maintain your home’s central vacuum system. Here are some tips for central vacuum storage in Florida.

Protect the hose

Your new central vacuum system is a large appliance with parts installed throughout your home, but some parts are exposed more than others. The corrugated hose is the part of your central vac system that is prone to regular wear and tear. It may rub against the edges and corners of walls when you use it to clean, which can weaken certain spots on the hose over time. To protect the hose, either guide it gently around corners and/or put a soft padded hose sock on it. It snaps into place and protects the hose from wear and damage.

Clean the vac system

Just like you’d clean a portable vacuum cleaner to keep it fresh and clean, the same needs to be done for central vacuum system. The dirtier the central vacuum, the less effective it’ll be at sucking up dirt, dust, pet dander and other debris. Make sure to clean and deodorize the unit both inside and out using cleaning cloths specially made for central vacuum systems. The appropriate cloths are made to wipe down the internal walls of the tubing, loosen dirt and debris and deodorize the hose canister and pipes.

Organize the storage area

Even though the majority of your central vacuum system is installed in your home for convenience and to provide cleanliness, you mustn’t forget to place its dozens of accessories and attachments in a safe place. While it’s easy to just shove everything haphazardly in a closet, the pros recommend storing all central vacuum equipment in an organized and intentional manner. Use an attachment caddy that lets you snap attachments to the wand, or get a box caddy with plenty of separate compartments. Find an ideal area for central vacuum storage in your Florida home and you’re sure to be able to find the attachment you need, when you need it.

Clean storage space and areas near the vac

Finally, be sure to keep equipment and attachment storage spaces clean. Yes, stored vacuum accessories get dirty, too! Wipe them regularly with a dry microfiber cloth to remove dust so they’re always ready to go.

Proper central vacuum storage in your Florida home can reduce cleaning time, increase equipment lifespan and ensure optional performance. To learn more about residential central vacuum systems, call Central Vacuum Connection today!

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