Five Things You Shouldn’t Try to Vacuum Up

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Vacuum cleaners are versatile, durable cleaning tools. But while many people believe that they can use their vacuum cleaners to take care of any mess that may arise, there are some things that vacuum cleaners simply shouldn’t be used to clean up.

It’s important to know which types of messes are capable of being cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, and which ones are best handled with other cleaning approaches. Attempting to clean certain types of soils with a vacuum cleaner could actually spread the soil around, or even damage your vacuum cleaner.

Consider reaching out to a trusted local vacuum sales and installation professional to learn more about vacuum tips in Florida that can help you maintain the health of your vacuum cleaning system and keep your living space cleaner and more comfortable.

Here are a just a few things that you should avoid cleaning with your vacuum cleaning system:

  • Wet food: Never attempt to vacuum up wet food products (or really anything that’s overly moist) with your vacuum cleaner. The moisture will gunk up the tubes and filters, rendering your vacuum cleaner unusable until you get the chance to professionally clean it. Sucking up wet food or debris with your vacuum might actually cause irreparable damage.
  • Fireplace ash: Even if your fireplace seems perfectly cool, there’s a good chance that the ash inside of it is still harboring plenty of heat. Fireplace ash can stay hot for as long as four days after your last fire—if you attempt to suck up hot ash, it could melt the internal workings of your vacuum, or even cause a fire.
  • Chunks of glass: Large chunks of glass will wreak havoc on the inside of your vacuum cleaning system. Rather than trying to suck up large pieces of glass, first pick up the larger chunks, and then use the vacuum to suck up the remaining debris.
  • Fine dust: Avoid sucking up super-fine dust with your vacuum cleaner. Fine dust can plug up the filter or bag of your home’s vacuuming system, reducing its sucking power. Instead, rent a shop vacuum or similar machine to remove fine dust from your home.
  • Coins and paperclips: Like large chunks of glass, coins and paperclips could cause serious problems inside your vacuum cleaner once you suck them up. Paperclips and coins could cause serious blockages inside the vacuum cleaner once the enter the vacuum tube. They could even break off pieces of the roller.

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