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A quality vacuum is an essential tool in every housekeeper’s toolkit. Whether you take care of your own home maintenance or clean spaces professionally, a vacuum is irreplaceable. In fact, there are many central vacuum accessories in Florida that can expand your vacuum’s capabilities and greatly add to the tools you have to clean and make any job easier. The vacuum can be an extremely versatile piece of equipment. Take a look at the following accessories and imagine how they can make your life easier:

  • Extension wand: This attachment is essential for applying most other attachments. The want is a plastic tube about eighteen inches long that can make it easier to reach behind furniture, up to the top of door frames and more.
  • Upholstery tool: The upholstery tool can be attached to the end of the wand and used to clean furniture and other upholstered items. The microfiber strips at the edges help draw out lint and remove debris from furniture.
  • Angled crevice tool: The angled tip on this tool can help facilitate the sucking of debris from hard-to-reach spots like stairs, baseboards, the oven and other appliances. It can be attached to the end of the extension wand for more length and easier reaching.
  • Fan blade duster: The fan blade duster is equipped with a broom head that sweeps while the bottom microfiber cloth head brushes dust. Attaching this to the extension wand makes it easy to attack dust on fan blades with minimal effort.
  • Dusting brush: The inch-long bristles on this circular brush help provide abrasion to tougher spots, like baseboards and window screens, as well as air vents and cabinets.
  • Floor sweeper: Wood and tile floors can be swept with ease with this attachment. The 12-inch brush is attached to the extension wand and employs soft bristles that work in combination with the vacuum’s suction to pick up dirt quickly and easily.
  • Power brush: The power brush is similar to the upholstery tool, except it utilizes a rotating brush roll that sucks up dirt in seconds. It’s perfect for carpeted stairs or anywhere there is an accumulation of pet hair!
  • Multi-angle brush: The curved hose and pivoting head on this brush make it even easier to use than the dusting brush. It features soft bristles and makes it easy to clean blinds, light fixtures, sliding door tracks and more.
  • Car-cleaning nozzle: If you love to keep a clean car, this tool is for you. It’s four inches in width and features a wedge-shaped head for targeted suction on car mats. It’s perfect for a wet-dry vacuum and can get crumbs out of crevices like nothing else can!

Central Vacuum Connection provides central vacuum accessories in Florida, as well as a full range of other gear for your system. We’re an independently owned business and provide customers with vacuums, installations, repair and accessories. We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products and are the experts when it comes to anything vacuum-related. Contact us today for a free consultation or to see what accessories and tools we have in stock!

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