Helpful Tips for Vacuuming Area Rugs

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Area rugs can add comfort, warmth and aesthetic appeal to a living space, but they can also accumulate dirt, dust and debris over time. When your area rug starts to look dingy, it can detract from the appeal of your space, so you’ll want to get it as clean as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners are unsure about how to properly clean and vacuum their area rugs. Read on for some simple tips from a central vacuum dealer in Florida that you can follow to get your area rugs looking their best again:

  • Consider weak backing: Even if your rug looks sturdy and durable, you have to consider the fact that it might have a weaker latex backing. Vacuuming over a rug with a latex backing can cause damage that weakens its fibers. You should avoid using rigid brush attachments with your area rugs, since these might deteriorate latex backing. Instead, use a standard attachment and avoid over-vacuuming your rug.
  • Pay attention to pile: Regardless of the length of your rug pile, you should make sure to vacuum in the direction of the pile. Use a nozzle attachment to gently lift dirt and lose debris from your rug’s fibers. Run your vacuum nozzle across the length of your rug, and then lift it at the end before starting on the next row. This technique will help you avoid vacuuming against the pile, which can be damaging to your rug.
  • Keep up on regular cleaning: It’s better to vacuum your rugs using gentle suction and lower-pressure attachments more regularly than to aggressively vacuum your rugs on a less frequent basis. Instead of allowing dirt, dust and grime to accumulate on your rug and settle into your carpet fibers, try to vacuum your rugs every week or two. This will make your cleaning task a lot easier and will also be a lot easier on your rug.
  • Clean harsh stains: If there are stains that you can’t get rid of with vacuuming, make sure to use proper cleaning methods to remove them. Spot cleaning with rug cleaners can be effective. For deeper stains, you should consider investing in professional rug cleaning or steam cleaning. Getting your rugs professionally cleaned every year or so can keep them looking great throughout the year and make it easier to maintain them.

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