Tips for Vacuuming Properly

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Anyone with carpeting throughout their home will tell you that the biggest downside is the amount of vacuuming they have to do to care for it. This workload is only compounded for folks with pets and kids running around the house. Since we don’t want you to do more work than you have to, our team of central vacuum dealers in Florida has put together this handy guide with tips for vacuuming effectively to ensure a clean house without breaking your back. Continue reading to learn how to be a more effective vacuum runner:

  • Stick to a schedule: Our first recommendation is to set up a vacuuming schedule and stick to it! Vacuuming on a regular basis—once a week or so will typically suffice—ensures that your carpets will never get too dirty, which makes the chore all that much easier. Everyone will be much happier and healthier with a clean home.
  • Take your time: Don’t rush through the job! Nobody really loves vacuuming, but you can’t just breeze through it if you want your home to be as clean as a whistle. In addition to vacuuming slowly from room to room, be sure to move the vacuum forward and backward to loosen more debris from the carpet fibers.
  • Focus on difficult areas: Going along with the point above, make sure you take extra time while vacuuming areas with heavy foot traffic (like entryways) or places that are bound to have more spills and crumbs (like a playroom or kid’s bedroom).
  • Don’t make it harder: Ensure your vacuuming chore is as easy as possible by making everyone take their shoes off before coming inside, and trying to prevent kids from dropping crumbs all over the place. You’ll instantly notice a cleaner house and your vacuuming time will be dramatically reduced.
  • Clean your vacuum: As you can probably imagine, our vacuums get pretty dirty after a while. All of that time spent sucking up dust, dirt and debris can really take a toll! In addition to emptying the vacuum after each use, take some time to clean all of the components. We guarantee you’ll see better results with a clean machine.
  • Dust before vacuuming: Assuming that dusting is one of your other cleaning chores, be sure to do it before you vacuum! Dust particles from window sills, fans and shelves are bound to fall onto the carpet, where they’ll sit and be ground in if they’re not vacuumed up shortly after.
  • Consider a deep clean: Have you tried all of these tips and your carpets are still a bit dingy? If so, it might be time to consider a deep clean or carpet shampoo. Your carpets will come back smelling fresh as a daisy, and vacuuming will be much easier going forward.

When you’re ready to start living in a cleaner household, consider installing a central vacuum system in your home. As longtime central vacuum dealers in Florida, Central Vacuum Connection can set you up with the best system for a lot less money than you think. Call us today to schedule a free consultation or to speak with one of our staff members about all of the benefits of central vacuums.

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