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Central vacuums are the best when it comes to keeping your home nice and clean. Their only downside is that they’re far less effective without central vacuum accessories in Florida. This post will cover a few of the essential accessories you need if you own a central vacuum system:

  • Powerheads: Without a proper powerhead, you might as well not even purchase a central vacuum system. Though they’re a bit more expensive, electric powerheads are the way to go if you want the deepest possible clean. Better yet, the high-end models clean any kind of carpet, regardless of the pile type. Anyone on a budget or looking for something that’s easy to use should opt for an air-driven powerhead. These powerheads harness the suction power of your central vacuum to provide a deep clean without using up any electricity.
  • Floor brushes: If yours is like most, your home doesn’t just have carpeting. You probably have carpeting along with a couple of other different flooring materials, especially in places like the kitchen or entryways. For that reason, it’s important that your central vacuum be able to clean all of your flooring with ease. Be sure to pick a floor brush that can seamlessly go from cleaning your carpets to your expensive hardwood flooring without leaving any scratches or marks. Call today to talk to one of our professionals and learn about the best brushes for your whole home.
  • Dust mops: Despite how often you clean, there’s always going to be dust floating around in your home. More often than not, that dust will eventually settle on the floor. It’s easy for your central vacuum to pick up dust from your carpeting, but it’s not always so simple on hardwood or tile. That’s why we have the dust mop accessory. These microfiber accessories quickly and easily eliminate dust without your needing to get any other cleaning tool. The best part? You can just toss the pads in the washing machine when you’re done.
  • Furniture guards: Keeping a tidy home is important, but you don’t want to sacrifice cleanliness for unsightly marks on your furniture legs. Prevent these from happening by installing furniture bumpers on all of your central vacuum accessories. In addition to protecting your furniture, these guards can help to prolong the lifespan of your powerheads and brushes.

Why choose Central Vacuum Connection?

You have quite a few options when it comes to buying your central vacuum accessories in Florida. However, we recommend visiting Central Vacuum Connection to check out our selection! We sell a wide range of products from the top brands in the industry, including Vroom, Wally Flex and Quick Clean. Additionally, we install and repair central vacuum systems, meaning that we’re your one-stop shop for all of your central vacuum needs!

Whether you’re looking for new central vacuum accessories in Florida or your central vacuum is in need of repair, be sure to call Central Vacuum Connection. Our customer service and workmanship are unbeatable. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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