What’s the Lifespan of a Central Vacuum System?

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In our opinion, installing a central vacuum system in your home is really one of the best things you can do as a homeowner. Instead of lugging heavy vacuum cleaners up and down your stairs, central vac owners can quickly plug vacuum tubes into inlet valves in their wall and set to work cleaning up any messes in any room in the house.

The only question is, how long do these central vacuum systems typically last? If it’s only going to last a few years, it seems like installing a central vac is hardly worth it. The good news is that your central vac can work for up to 30 years! Compare that to the average lifespan of a portable vacuum (about two years), and you’ll see that installing a central vac is quite a bargain. Continue reading to learn more about the expected lifespan of your central vacuum system.

Keep your system alive and well

That 30-year lifespan assumes that you perform basic maintenance duties. After all, nothing in your home can last three decades without proper care. These are a few of the basic maintenance duties that every central vacuum owner should perform:

  • Make repairs as soon as needed: Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to call for central vacuum system repairs in Palm Beach County, FL as soon as you notice something isn’t quite right. A few of the big signs that your system needs repair include strange noises, funky smells and less suction power. The quicker you call us to come diagnose and fix the issue, the easier and cheaper the repairs will be. Additionally, you’ll get to use your central vacuum again more quickly.
  • Cleaning is key: Cleaning up messes is your central vacuum’s job, and your job is to clean out your central vacumm’s brush! After several uses, take a knife and run it through the bristles to cut and remove hair, twine, dental floss and any other stringy materials that can clog up the hose. This task only takes a couple of minutes and ensures your system will function as good as new for years to come.
  • Change the belt: Your central vacuum’s belt is the most important component of the system. A broken or stretched belt essentially means that your system won’t work as it should. As such, you should replace it every couple of months. This process is something you can likely do by yourself, but we’d be more than happy to take care of it for you!
  • Unclog the hose: This probably won’t happen too often, since your central vacuum system is so powerful, but you might find that the hose clogs up every now and then. If this is the case, it’s crucial that you locate the clog and remove it before you continue running your vacuum. Continuing to use your vacuum if it has a partial clog can lead to bigger problems and expensive repairs.

If you’re in need of central vacuum system repairs in Palm Beach County, FL, or if you’re interested in having a central vacuum system installed in your home, give Central Vacuum Connection a call! We’re experts in all facets of central vac systems, from repairs to installation.

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