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One of the products we have available for our customers is the Vroom Retract Vac, a retractable hose solution for any central vacuum in Palm Beach County, FL. This product is easy to use, reaches all the nooks and crannies you need to hit and saves you a whole bunch of space in the process.

The Retract Vac features a 35’ expandable hose that automatically retracts back into the vacuum’s base to make it easier to store without taking up too much space. This in turn eliminates your need for any inconvenient (or simply ugly) wall-mounted vacuums, as well as portable vacuums, VacPans, brooms and handheld vacuums.

Another benefit of the Retract Vac is that it has a highly flexible tubing system that makes for quick and easy installation, even in some of the most difficult spaces. It’s easy to integrate that tubing with the tubing you already have in your home for your existing central vacuum. Once you’ve installed it, you’re able to easily pull out the hose, lock it in place and turn on the vacuum to clean where needed, then retract the hose back up into its docking base.

It’s easy, painless and highly convenient—no more will you have to deal with power cord management or carrying around a heavy vacuum!

Other benefits of retractable vacuum solutions

In case you’re looking for more reasons why you should consider purchasing the Retract Vac for your central vacuum system, here are just a few more benefits of these types of retractable vacuum solutions:

  • Health benefits: Because it becomes significantly easier and more convenient for you to clean hard-to-reach spaces, you’ll find you’ll be able to reduce allergy and asthma symptoms by getting rid of the dust and debris scattered around your home. In addition, because you’re not using any bags or filters, there is no dust and no vacuum odors to worry about. Instead, dust and dirt are moved outside. Numerous studies have shown allergy sufferers experience a significant decrease in nasal and eye symptoms when using central vacuums with retractable features.
  • Minimal noise: This is a benefit of central vacuum systems in general, but there is much less noise from central vacuums versus regular vacuums, as the motor is coming from a completely different area. This means you can clean without having to worry about causing a disturbance.
  • Long-term savings: If you use a central vacuum and these types of accessories, you stand to save a lot of money over the years, as you do not need to worry about replacing the vacuum at regular intervals. The system should last you for many years to come.

These are just a few examples of some of the benefits that come with using central vacuum systems with retractable features. For more information about the Retract Vac and any of the other products we cell, we encourage you to contact Central Vacuum Connection about our central vacuums in Palm Beach County, FL and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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