Why You May Trip Your Circuit Breaker When Using Your Central Vacuum System in Palm Beach County, FL

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You simply want to clean your home, but the electrical system isn’t cooperating. It seems like every time you try to vacuum, your circuit breaker trips. This makes using your central vacuum system in Palm Beach County, FL a chore rather than a convenience.

How can you avoid this nuisance? First, you must determine why the circuit breaker is tripping. Once you know the reason, you can make the necessary changes or repairs to prevent this annoyance from happening in the future. Here’s the scoop.

AFCI or Traditional?

Central vacuum systems in Palm Beach County, FL interact with breakers differently depending on which type of breaker you have. Do you have an AFCI circuit breaker or a normal circuit breaker? If the breaker has the letters AFCI on it and features a test button, it is an AFCI (arc fault circuit interrupter) circuit breaker.


If your AFCI circuit breaker trips when you run the vacuum, it is due to one of two issues. If it only trips on occasion, this is considered nuisance tripping. Vacuums are known for causing AFCI nuisance trips. This is due to the vacuum’s operation and the design of AFCI breakers.

Vacuums produce slight sparking when in use. These sparks create small electrical arcs (when electricity jumps between two conductors). Since AFCI circuit breakers are designed to trip at the slightest sign of arcing, vacuums often trip them. The safety feature is included to prevent electrical fires, but it can prove to be a nuisance when using a vacuum. You might experience similar trips when using computers or flat screen TVs.

However, if your vacuum always trips the breaker, it probably has a more serious issue. This constant tripping usually indicates an electrical arcing problem. AFCI breakers can become faulty due to age, improper installation or poor wiring. It might be time to replace the breaker.

To prevent future occasional tripping, you may be able to upgrade your breaker to a newer model. This often fixes the problem.


If you experience frequent or constant trips with a traditional circuit breaker, this usually indicates an electrical issue. Look for frayed cords or deteriorating parts. If you notice a burning smell while you are using the vacuum, components of the central vacuum system in Palm Beach County, FL could be burning. You may need to repair or replace the vacuum rather than the circuit breaker.

If you can’t find any issues with the vacuum itself, consult with an electrician to inspect your electrical system. Never ignore this issue, as it indicates a problem with your system that can quickly worsen and pose the risk of personal injury or fire.

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