Tips for Central Vacuum Maintenance in Palm Beach County, FL

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A central vacuum system is a great investment in a home. While many older homes include central vacuums, many modern upscale homes also boast this luxurious feature. Maintaining a central vacuum is less costly and less time-intensive than maintaining and replacing a standard vacuum cleaner year over year. Nevertheless, central vacuum maintenance in Palm Beach County, FL is still important. Your vacuum installation professionals recommend the following maintenance tips.

Filters and Bags

The most common form of maintenance will be in the replacement and cleaning of the bags and filters in the canister. All of the dirt, food, debris, pet hair and anything else the vacuum system sucks up will end up in the canister. These contents need to be dumped regularly. If you notice that your system is not sucking as well as normal, it is time to clean out the canister. Be sure to wash or replace the filter according to the manufacturer’s specifications. If you use paper liners, they need to be changed every few months. If you use cloth liners, these need to be changed every five to seven years.


The parts of your central vacuum system that get the most wear and tear are the hoses. These are constantly dragged throughout the home and used each time you are vacuuming. It is recommended that you protect the hose by covering it with a protective sleeve. Not only does this protect your hose from getting dinged, but it also protects your walls and furniture from damage. Use a soft cloth to clear out the hose and prevent clogs every couple months. Be sure to carefully store your hose out of the way. Consider a hide-a-hose system as the best way to safely store your hoses.


The attachments to the hose also get quite a bit of wear and tear. Be sure to detach them from the hose and clean them out before storage. Inspect them on a regular basis. Wipe them with a soft cloth and keep them free from any clogs and debris.


The electrical components of your central vacuum system are another major concern. Make sure that you inspect your cords with every use to ensure they stay intact. If they are frayed or show signs of any damage, they will need to be replaced.

Power Unit

At the core of your central vacuum system is the power unit. This needs to be inspected at least once a year for visible damage. Other than this, you will only need to be concerned about your power unit if you are experiencing power problems—for example, if the unit is not working or if you are having problems with turning the unit on or off.


Extending the life of your brushes can add great value to your system. Inspect them regularly to make sure that they are free from anything that can get caught in the bristles. One suggestion is to run a knife through he bristles to ensure that there is nothing tangled in them. By removing debris, you improve the efficiency of the brushes.

Choose the Right Team for Central Vacuum Installation in Palm Beach County, FL

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