Benefits of Retractable Hide-a-Hose Systems

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Whether or not you already have a central vacuum system, you’ll want to consider the benefits of a retractable hide-a-hose system. Your family’s health is important to you, as is keeping your home looking fresh and clean. However, the frequent lugging around of vacuum cleaners and hoses can begin to take its toll. Central Vacuum Connection may have the solution for you—take a look at the benefits of installing a central vacuum in Palm Beach County, FL.

What is a central vacuum?

A central vacuum is a system designed where you do not have to carry a heavy vacuum system from room to room. You will simply plug a hose into one of several conveniently located hose inlets around your home, which are designed to carry dirt and debris through tubes through the wall to a central canister. The central canister is most often located in a garage or another location of your choice far away from the living areas of your home. This means the dust and debris are carried far away, leaving only clean, breathable air in your home’s living spaces.

What is a hide-a-hose system?

One of the concerns of the central vacuum system is where to store the hose. It can be inconvenient to carry a hose from room to room. It’s also a hassle to take the time to coil the hose and store it neatly away in a closet or garage. The hide-a-hose system offers an elegant solution. The hide-a-hose is designed to keep the hose securely stored out of sight in your wall. While out of view of guests, the vacuum is conveniently located for whenever you need to vacuum. You simply pull the hose out to the length you need for the job. When you are finished, the vacuum power unit safely retracts the hose back into the wall.


Choosing a central vacuum system with a hide-a-hose feature is a wise move for your family’s health and the value of your home. Consider these advantages:

  • Central vacuums reduce allergy and asthma symptoms.
  • Since no filters or bags are used, there are no dust or vacuum odors.
  • Dust and dirt are moved outdoors, and pollen and pet dander are exhausted outside.
  • Studies have shown that allergy sufferers have experienced a significant decrease in nasal and eye symptoms after switching to a central vacuum.
  • Central vacuum motors are more powerful than standard vacuums, which allow more dirt and dust to be cleaned.
  • Central vacuum systems offer long-term savings over standard vacuums, as they do not have to be replaced every few years.
  • The noise from central vacuum systems is minimal, since the motor is not in the same room as you.
  • A central vacuum with a hide-a-hose system is more convenient, with no carrying of heavy equipment from room to room.

Central vacuum installation in Palm Beach County, FL

Whether you would like to add a hide-a-hose system to an existing central vacuum or want to add a brand new complete central vacuum system to your home, be sure to call upon the authority on central vacuums in Palm Beach County, FL. At Central Vacuum Connection, our skilled professionals can install a hide-a-hose system with new or existing hoses. We’re proud to have served our customers since 1974, and look forward to helping you create a cleaner and healthier home. Give us a call today to see how a hide-a-hose system can work for you!

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