How a Central Vacuum in Palm Beach County, FL Can Keep Your Air Clean

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One of the primary benefits of a central vacuum in Palm Beach County, FL is that it will help to keep the air in your home cleaner than if you use a portable vacuum.

Portable vacuum cleaners simply recycle dust back into the air through the exhaust, which means you’re only getting so much dust and debris out of your home. However, with a central air vacuum system, all of the dust and debris that you suck up goes into receptacles that carry this debris through pipes straight into a recipient canister down in your basement or out in your garage. As a result, the air is much cleaner, and you’re able to create spotless floors.

How does it work?

You’re probably wondering how such a system actually works. Most people have no experience with a central vacuum system, and as such are under the belief that it is an extremely complicated system that requires a lot of renovation and knocking out walls to put in. Neither could be further from the truth!

With a central vacuum, you’ll no longer have to worry about lugging around a heavy portable vacuum cleaner that will bang up your walls and furniture and force you to maneuver around the nuisance of a cord that both drags alongside it and limits how far you can go before searching for a different power outlet. Instead, when you are ready to clean your home, you can connect the cleaning attachment onto the wall- or floor-mounted inlets. These inlets lead to pipes that run through your walls, floors or crawl spaces. Depending on the area you wish to clean, you choose the accessory that best fits that spot and connect it to the end of the hose. Once you turn on the system, all of the dust and debris you pick up through that hose goes through the pipes, and ultimately gets put into a recipient canister that is located in your basement or garage.

Once you have finished cleaning the area, unplug the attachment and then plug it into another inlet that’s closer to the next area you wish to clean. It’s extremely simple, effective and does not require you to move around a heavy vacuum or take up any closet space with the extra equipment.

Why clean air is important

It’s important to have sufficient indoor air quality. The more dust and debris that builds up inside your home, the more it will lead to health complications among your family, especially for people who already suffer from asthma, allergies or other types of respiratory conditions.

Plus, dirt and debris can build up in areas of your home that make it harder for your HVAC or appliances to operate as efficiently as they should. This means you can keep those important pieces of equipment in good condition for longer periods of time simply by having cleaner air and surfaces in your home.

For more information about the various benefits of a central vacuum in Palm Beach County, FL, contact Central Vacuum Connection today.

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