Top Accessories for Your Central Vacuum in 2018

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When buying a new home or undertaking a remodel, a central vacuum system is an excellent option to keep in mind. It’s popular with modern day homeowners, as it helps make cleaning easier. Not only does a central vacuum system make it easier to keep the house clean, but its accessories easily adapt it to whatever needs to be cleaned. There are plenty of central vacuum accessories in Palm Beach County, FL to choose from. Here are some of the most useful:

  • Floor brush: One of the most essential accessories for the central vacuum, this floor brush provides easy cleaning. Coming with high-end bristles, this is a universally fitting attachment that is perfect for use on all hard surfaces, including wood, tile and concrete. Make sure to get one with dimensions that fit your home’s needs, usually around a foot wide.
  • Upholstery tool: Everyone has furniture to clean, and the upholstery tool is one of the best at getting that done. Not only does it work well on cushions, pillows, sofas and other furniture, but it’s also useful to clean car seats.
  • Refrigerator tool: One of the tougher places to get clean is underneath heavy objects like a refrigerator. This accessory helps fix that. It easily gets underneath the refrigerator and the other large appliances, like washers, dryers and ovens. With these central vacuum accessories in Palm Beach County, FL, you’ll be able to keep those hard-to-reach places from accumulating trash and germs.
  • Replacement vacuum foam filter: Eventually, you’ll need replacement filters for your central vacuum system. One of the best choices is a filter from Electrolux. It’s solidly priced, easy to use and keeps the central vacuum working at peak performance. Check your model to make sure you’re getting the right type before ordering.
  • 6 gallon capacity replacement bags: A central vacuum system is always going to need replacement bags. Buying the right ones can make cleaning and taking care of your home even easier. Make sure to check to ensure the bag you’re buying is reliable and durable. You’ll want it to effectively and safely trap dust, debris, allergens and dirt. You’ll also want to buy the right size so you’re not constantly having to replace the bag every time you do some vacuuming. Make sure to check the model number so you know you’re buying a bag that will fit correctly.
  • Pet help: If you have a pet, there are several accessories that will help clean up pet hair and any dirt they trail in. One of these is the Pet Power Paw. This central vacuum accessory is specially designed to quickly and effectively clean up pet hair, which can be very difficult to do.

A central vacuum system isn’t doing everything it can to keep your home clean unless it’s accompanied by the proper central vacuum accessories in Palm Beach County, FL. We here at Central Vacuum Connection are happy to help you figure out the best accessories for your system. We offer a lifetime warranty for central vacuum cleaners and their assorted parts. Call to set up an appointment. We’ll provide a walkthrough of your home during your free consultation.

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