Where Does the Dirt Go with a Central Vacuum?

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Central vacuuming systems are powerful alternative to traditional portable vacuum cleaners. If you are considering investing in a central vacuum system in Palm Beach County, FL, you may be wondering what happens to the dirt during and after the cleaning process. Much like a traditional portable vacuum cleaner, central vacuuming systems collect dirt and debris in a canister. Unlike portable vacuuming solutions, however, central vacuums store the dusty detritus out of sight and out of mind.

To fully understand what happens to the dirt you suck up when you flip on your home’s central vacuum system, you have to understand the way that central vacuuming systems function. Here’s what happens each and every time you use your central vacuum system in Palm Beach County, FL:

  • Central unit: All central vacuuming systems include a strategically placed centralized unit, which includes the motor and particulate receptacle. The centralized unit collects the vacuumed-up dirt and debris, and deposits it in a reusable container or a disposable bag, depending on the type of central vacuum system in Palm Beach County, FL you have installed in your home.
  • Unobtrusive piping: The central unit connects to each and every room of the house using unobtrusive piping. This piping, which is typically made from PVC or rubber, can be installed in your home during construction or even years later, depending on whether or not your home has an existing central vacuum system. The piping is easy to install, and can be done in a short period of time by a qualified professional.
  • Wall inlets: The piping connects to wall inlets in each room of your house. The wall inlets usually include a switch which connects to the central unit, meaning that it’s only activated while in use. You can attach a variety of hoses and nozzles to the wall inlet. Because the central unit is stored in a utility closet or basement, the act of vacuuming is virtually silent and odorless.
  • Filter and depository cleaning: Most central vacuum systems in Palm Beach County, FL have tremendous volumes of capacity, meaning that you will likely only have to address your filter and the depository once every couple of months. To clean or change the filter, you simply have to locate it on your central unit. You may have to either dispose of the receptacle bag or empty out the container three to four times each year.

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