Spring Cleaning Is Here: Install a New Central Vacuum to Help

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The weather is warming up, and that means that it’s time to bust out your broom and begin the act of spring cleaning. A slew of spring and summer holidays is also just around the corner, which could mean that you have plenty of cleaning work ahead of you. Investing in central vacuum installation in Palm Beach County, FL can help you make the process of spring cleaning substantially easier. Central vacuuming systems allow you to clean your house with ease.

When you install a central vacuuming system, you can clean your abode without unnecessarily lugging a hefty and inconvenient vacuum cleaner around the house. Central vacuums allow you to install a semi-permanent fixture in an underutilized area of your home, and then connect it with tubing to every room of the house. You can use an easily portable attachment to connect to the central vacuum tubing and clean the entire house with ease!

Here are just a few fast facts about the process surrounding central vacuum installation in Palm Beach County, FL

  • Relatively low cost: The first thing that you should know about central vacuum installation in Palm Beach County, FL is that it is a relatively low-cost endeavor. Typical installation expenses for a single-story home that is less than 3,000 feet run from $1,200 to $3,000, which is roughly the same cost as a very high-quality portable vacuum cleaner.
  • Unobtrusive installation: Contrary to what you may think, central vacuums are actually relatively easy to install, and can be added to most existing homes with minimal intrusion. Typically, a collection canister attached to a central motorized unit is placed in a utility closet or garage. Then, piping connects the unit to each room via a small slot.
  • More power: Central vacuums offer much more power than even the most expensive portable vacuum cleaners. You can clean much more deeply with a central vacuum than you can with traditional household cleaners. If you are serious about cleaning your home and maintaining its value, you should strongly consider investing in a powerful central vacuum.
  • Cleaner air and home: Because central vacuums are so much more powerful than their portable counterparts, they ensure that you have a substantially cleaner home. Additionally, because the motorized collection unit is kept out of sight and out of mind, you can run the central vacuum without any of the noise and odors typically associated with vacuuming.

Since 1974, Central Vacuum Connection has been the premier source of central vacuum installation in Palm Beach County, FL. We are the region’s most trusted provider of central vacuum care, service and installation. Whether you’re hoping to outfit your home with a new central vacuum system or replace an existing, outdated central vacuum, you should reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable service technicians. We are proud of our ability to provide each and every one of our clients with dependable and long-lasting cleaning solutions that meet their individualized needs. Call us today to learn more!

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