Bagged or Bagless: Which Is the Right Choice for You?

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If you’re contemplating purchasing a new central vacuum system, you may be feeling confused by all of the different options. Purchasing a bagged central vacuum system or one that is bagless may be among the decisions you’re trying to make.

As professionals who have considerable experience with central vacuum systems and central vacuum accessories in Palm Beach County, FL, we are well qualified to share advice that can help you determine whether a bagged or bagless system is the right choice for your needs.

Bagged central vacuum systems

With a bagged central vacuum system, the vacuum relies on bags placed inside the area of the vacuum where dirt is collected. Outside venting is not necessary with this type of vacuum, but you may find it useful if you want to lessen the noise or smell.

The bag feature makes it simple and fast to clean and remove the dirt collected. If anyone in your household experiences allergies or has difficulty with breathing, a bagged system may still work well. You may have the option to select bags that are disposable, removing the presence of dust or other irritants.

However, as the bag becomes full, the vacuum becomes less effective in collecting any dirt or debris. You can take a more proactive approach by emptying the bag or putting in a new one when the bag is about 75 percent full. This will help to optimize the vacuum’s performance without causing additional wear and tear on the motor.

Bagless central vacuum systems

Bagless central vacuum systems tend to be purchased more often than bagged models. A bagless vacuum removes dirt through the process of cyclonic separation. Nearly all of the debris that the vacuum gathers goes into a special container, while any remaining dust and dirt are dispersed outside this container.

If your main priority is to stop using filters or vacuum bags, a bagless system means that you won’t need to deal with these accessories. The absence of these items also allows for more airflow, because the airflow is not obstructed by a filter or bag. This leads to a highly effective cleaning experience.

It is possible that dirt can make its way into the motor of a bagless vacuum. However, this type of vacuum contains a specific type of motor that is designed to prevent dirt or dust that enters the vacuum from negatively impacting the performance of the vacuum system.

If you’ve decided which type of vacuum system you’d like to purchase, you can rely on the experts at Central Vacuum Connection to help you choose the model that best meets your needs. We’re also a top provider of central vacuum accessories in Palm Beach County, FL.

Central Vacuum Connection is an independently owned business with over 40 years of experience in the vacuum cleaner industry. We sell wholesale central vacuum cleaners and assorted parts with a lifetime warranty, and also perform installations and repairs. Ask us about arranging for a free consultation and walkthrough of your home. Our highly trained staff knows the products we sell inside and out and can offer guidance that will help you determine the best central vacuum solution for your needs.

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