Top Central Vacuum Systems in Palm Beach County, FL: Advice from a Central Vac Solutions Company

February 21, 2018 Leave your thoughts

Are you looking to purchase a new central vacuum system in Palm Beach County, FL sometime soon? As experts in the vacuum cleaner industry, we are knowledgeable about a wide variety of products. Here are just some of our many suggestions for the top central vacuum systems on the market today: Imperium CV260: On a budget? This model may be worth looking into. It’s a smaller unit, and therefore ideal for smaller living spaces. The Imperium CV260 is a powerful vacuum system while relying on simple features that keep the product’s cost down. Imperium CV300: This Imperium vacuum cleaner is... View Article

Bagged or Bagless: Which Is the Right Choice for You?

February 7, 2018 Leave your thoughts

If you’re contemplating purchasing a new central vacuum system, you may be feeling confused by all of the different options. Purchasing a bagged central vacuum system or one that is bagless may be among the decisions you’re trying to make. As professionals who have considerable experience with central vacuum systems and central vacuum accessories in Palm Beach County, FL, we are well qualified to share advice that can help you determine whether a bagged or bagless system is the right choice for your needs. Bagged central vacuum systems With a bagged central vacuum system, the vacuum relies on bags placed... View Article