Six Unique Uses for a Central Vacuum System

December 26, 2017 Leave your thoughts

Vacuuming is a pain. It’s noisy, inconvenient and time consuming. Not to mention purchasing a new vacuum cleaner every few years can be incredibly costly. That’s why central vacuum systems are so great. The specialty cleaning system is integrated into your home to make cleaning simple. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize the benefits of a central vacuum system and the power it has to revolutionize their cleaning routine. Not only is it incredibly convenient, but it also improves indoor air quality by eliminating the recirculation of dust and allergens usually associated with traditional vacuums. A central vacuum system isn’t limited... View Article

Your Central Vacuum Can Be More Accessible Than Ever Before with Hide-A-Hose Systems

December 12, 2017 Leave your thoughts

Tugging along bulky vacuum hoses and constantly having to stop to untangle them can make cleaning a hassle. Having to cart the mess of hoses from room to room is enough to discourage anyone from cleaning the home entirely! But this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. The Hide-A-Hose central vacuum system has made vacuuming a breeze. You’ll no longer have to carry or store cumbersome vacuum hoses. Instead, the Hide-A-Hose stores the vacuum hose inside of the wall. You simply have to pull the amount of hose you need from the inlet valve before connecting it to the... View Article