Performing Maintenance on Your Central Vacuum System

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Just like if you owned a standard upright vacuum for home use, you will need to take care of, clean and maintain a central vacuum cleaner. After all, it is still a vacuum, a device that sucks up and removes unhealthy particles and debris from the inside of your home. If the vacuum is clogged, the filter bag rarely emptied or not cared for, then it won’t function properly or last as long as it should.

Here are some maintenance tips to avoid costly central vacuum system repair in Palm Beach County, FL:

  • Read your owner’s manual: One of the perks of having a central vacuum cleaner installation is minimal maintenance. Since a professional central vacuum installer will make sure every vacuum part is in its right place, check that the unit is working properly and show you how to use and maintain it, not much maintenance is required on the part of the owner. Read your owner’s manual for care instructions, or consider working with a company to set up a regular maintenance schedule.
  • Check the exhaust vent: The exhaust vent should not be blocked; otherwise, airflow will be restricted. Regularly check to make sure the vent is not being blocked from opening by dirt, plants, other types of debris or objects.
  • Check motor fasteners: Every central vacuum system is installed right into the home and is built around an electric motor. If the system runs into problems, service can be interrupted and cause all sorts of issues, including needing repairs and having to live in a dirty house. Check the motor fasteners periodically to avoid a malfunction.
  • Inspect vacuum hoses and hose heads: The vacuum hoses need to be in good condition for the system to work right. Make sure to check vacuum hoses for damage and normal wear and tear. Inspect the vacuum hose heads often and remove dirt buildup, and replace the carbon brushes every three to four years for system efficiency.
  • Watch for clogging: A top reason why central vacuums clog is because they will try to pick up debris that’s too large or damp for the hoses. Also, suction can become weak as the canister becomes full or as the filter bag becomes clogged.
  • Empty the bag: Empty the dirt canister or replace the filter bag as needed, typically every three to six months depending on how often you use it. When you do, inspect the filters and shake them out.
  • Hire a professional: Even if you check and clean your central vacuum system frequently, you should still hire an expert to take a look at it every once in a while. Some maintenance that may require professional assistance includes clearing out clogs within the tubing, lubricating motor bearings and replacing carbon brushes.

To extend the life of your central vacuum cleaner, you must perform regular preventative maintenance or hire a professional to do the job. Contact Central Vacuum Connection for more information about unit and installation options, or to schedule an appointment for central vacuum repair in Palm Beach County, FL. We are here to help with all your vacuum needs!

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