Your Central Vacuum Installation in Palm Beach County, FL Will Clean More Efficiently with a Retractable Hose System

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You know that vacuuming your living space is a must. It’s the most efficient way to remove dirt, dust, bacteria and other unhealthy particles from your carpets or hard flooring surfaces. So it’s no surprise that many homeowners have installed a central vacuum system with hide-a-hose capabilities in their home. If you’re not familiar with a hide-a-hose, it’s one of the best central vacuum attachment extras you can buy. Also called a retractable hose, it allows you to easily clean your home without having to drag a long, bulky hose around behind you and makes for easy storage when not in use.

Read on to find out how a retractable hose system for your central vacuum installation in Palm Beach County, FL helps to streamline the cleaning process.


A regular upright vacuum unit is made up of several different parts working together to thoroughly clean your floors. This style of vacuum has a main body equipped with a debris canister or bag that you need to empty after every use, and it may also have a filter. While you don’t have to wash the filter or empty the canister often, doing so will keep your indoor air fresh. But upgrade to a residential central vacuum system and all the junk that gets sucked up from the floors disappears out of sight.

What’s more is that having attached retractable central vacuum hoses makes for simple storage. When not in use, it stores itself inside the piping of the vacuum system. This storage space is behind the inlet responsible for the suction power of your central vacuum system.


A regular upright vacuum requires the user to move the entire unit with them from room to room. Even if the hose extends quite a bit, its length limits your ability to vacuum hard-to-reach places. With a central vacuum extendable hose, there’s actually no hose to carry from one inlet to another, because a hose can be set up at each inlet. This makes for fast and convenient cleanups—just pull out the hose to the length you need to reach the mess. When you’re finished, it retracts back behind the wall in a snap.


Not only is a quality central vacuum installation an excellent option for getting your floors clean every time, but systems fitted with retractable hoses behind every inlet provide maximum cleaning efficiency. With hide-a-hoses here and there in your home or building, your central vacuum is always within reach. Dry messes, big or small—like dirt, pet fur and dropped snacks—can be cleaned up instantaneously with the pull of a nearby hose and the flick of a switch.

As the saying goes, a clean home is a happy and healthy home. If you agree, then vacuuming is one weekly chore you never ignore. Don’t hesitate contact the team at Central Vacuum Connection to learn more about the advantages of a retractable hose system for your central vacuum installation in Palm Beach County, FL. Call us today!

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