Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Central Vacuum System Installation in Palm Beach County, FL

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If you are thinking about installing a central vacuum system in your home, you might want to get familiar with what it is and learn some facts about the installation process. One of the first things to note is that installing a complete central vacuum system in a single-story home is easier than you might think, and the installation can typically be done in a day. Also, these systems can be installed in existing homes as well as written into new construction plans.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about residential central vacuum system installation in Palm Beach County, FL.

What is the total cost of central vacuum installation?

A central vacuum installation company will work with homeowners so they fully understand what is needed to install a system in their home. For this type of installation, system parts and the services involved will vary depending on a few factors. The cost depends on the type and number of hose inlets you want, as well as the quality of the vacuum unit and any extra accessories. Since this is the case, contact a local central vacuum installer for a free consultation.

Where is the best place to install central vacuum power units?

The main power unit of your central vacuum system should be installed in a room of your home that stays dry and cool on a constant basis. It’s best that this room has little foot traffic, which is why some popular locations for the vacuum’s power unit include the garage or basement. Because a debris disposal canister in most systems needs to be connected to the power unit, make sure there’s an accessible exterior wall to run the exhaust line. Well-vented areas that don’t get too hot are ideal, especially since you want the power unit to last a long time.

Can a system be installed in an already-built one- or two-story home?

The right company can retrofit a home of any age with a central vacuum system, often in one day. And yes, they can do it without causing damage to or destroying the walls. When compared to work on a multiple-story home, installation tends to be easier to do in a single-story home. The installation process can utilize already existing spaces like closets, basements, return air ducts and interior walls to run piping and wires.

Where does the dirt go?

All vacuumed-up debris makes its way through the hose and pipes before going into a filter in the main vacuum unit. It then settles inside the collection canister that’s behind an exterior wall.

Many people find central vacuum systems extremely beneficial. It makes vacuuming easier, whether your goal is to clean the entire house, a single room or a small dry mess on the carpet. To learn about your central vacuum system options and to get more information about the installation process and pricing, contact the experienced team at Central Vacuum Connection today. We are your trusted, go-to independently owned business for central vacuum system installation in Palm Beach County, FL!

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