Four Excellent Reasons to Invest in Central Vacuum Installation in Palm Beach County, FL

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Performing weekly household chores is important if you want to keep your house clean and healthy, a safe environment for you and your family to live in. Next to dusting—and maybe scrubbing the bathroom—vacuuming all your floors can take a lot of time and muscle. Lugging a heavy vacuum unit around with a cord in tow gets tiresome, and the smelly canister may leave you wondering whether your carpet or hardwood floor is really as clean as you’d like it to be. If this is the case, read on to learn about central vacuum systems.

The following are a few good reasons to consider investing in central vacuum installation in Palm Beach County, FL.

Easy to Use

Many traditional portable vacuums are heavy and difficult to maneuver around the house. That’s because you’re dragging around the whole unit—including the motor, body, canister, hose and attachments—to reach every corner of each room. But when you have a central vacuum system, cleaning your floors is made easy because you aren’t hauling around an upright vacuum unit.

Less Vacuum Noise

No matter how expensive or popular the brand, portable vacuums are downright loud. Let’s just say no one in the house will be able to hear the television or radio, talk on the phone, focus on their reading or concentrate on work when someone is vacuuming. The beauty of a central vacuum system is that it’s amazingly quiet in comparison, since the loudest part of the vacuum—the motor—is secured in your basement or garage.

Very Versatile

Like traditional upright vacuums, central vacuum installation in Palm Beach County, FL also has a selection of parts, accessories and attachments that make it more functional. The difference is that its accessories are not attached to the vacuum, weighing it down. If you need to vacuum your car, boat, RV or garage, you pick the tool you need, place it on the hose and extend the hose to whatever needs cleaning.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

To stay healthy, your indoor air must be clean and safe to breathe. With a central vacuum system in place, you’ll take cleaner air into your lungs and greatly reduce the amount of allergens floating through the air. Why is this? Because a central vacuum system extracts dust, dirt, allergens and other debris, immediately sending it all out of the house and into its debris canister, which is either in the garage or the basement. The exhaust vent points outside, as opposed to a portable unit’s vent blowing the air right back into your home.

Vacuuming on a regular basis to rid your home of unhealthy dirt, dust and other debris particles is a must, but the chore does not have to feel like hard work. A central vacuum installation in Palm Beach County, FL provides a much more effective way to clean your floors faster without having to drag a bulky vacuum unit around from room to room.

To learn more about the benefits of a central vacuuming system, call and speak to one of the professional and knowledgeable team members at Central Vacuum Connection. Contact us today!

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